This is such an impressive display of stop motion animation – the sheer amount of time and accuracy this must have taken makes my skull hurt!
“Muto” a wall painted animation by BLU


Winter days

It’s been a while between hot drinks for me but I’m getting back into it with a collection of photos of Ray Davies wearing a scarf: And a delightful kinks track to top… Continue reading



I’ve been making a lot of squiggly messes on top of my lattes lately trying to make some semblance of a proper design. There is some fantastic latte art happening on youtube though… Continue reading

Tea Factory

Getting into some DIY tea production at the moment,  whipping up a few tasty blends. Here’s some shots of the batch of bags I made up for a couple of close ones who… Continue reading


Have had a ridiculously gluttonous weekend and weekend aftermath. Definitely worth it. The winter weather is setting in and everyone needs an extra layers warmth – who wants to spend $$$ on ridiculously… Continue reading

Prague I

Quality Tune

Well, many of them. Have recently been getting back into yet another ridiculously good album from the late nineties –  Entroducing….. – DJ Shadow Shadow, also known as Josh Davis (because that’s his… Continue reading

Spongebob Schwammkopf

Trying to relearn German by watching spongebob squarepants in German. 


Originally posted on ed and ruby:
IKEA is set to release a new eco-friendly camera made almost entirely out of cardboard. Devised by Swedish designer, Jesper Kouthoofd, the camera will be given away in…

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